Lemurian: These crystals are quartz that are differentiated by their horizontal striations on one or more faces. These striations are typically seen on quartz based crystals like: clear quartz, citrine and amethyst. They hold the healing characteristics of whatever stone they are on, but they also hold great ancient knowledge as well. Lemurians are said to be from the times of the ancient civilization Lemuria, and when you rub your finger on the striations, you can access the knowledge of ancient Lemuria.


An amazing stone for light workers, they hold blessings of unconditional love for the earth. Lemurians teach us we are many-dimensioned beings. It helps us reawaken to spiritual training and healing abilities and consciously reconnect past knowledge. During past-life therapy ,lemurians facilitate recovery of inner perfection.

Lemurians will also:

-Balance and clear chakras

-Lemurian wands remove karmic debris

-Facilitate deep communication between physical and subtle levels of being

-Teach us that thoughts are creative

Information from:

The Crystal Bible 1 by Judy Hall