Aventurine Necklace
Aventurine Necklace
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Aventurine Necklace

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Green aventurine is considered an all-purpose healing stone. An excellent stone to help those with cardiac and circulatory issues. Wearing the stone as a necklace helps increase its benefits because it is a heart stone.

-Helps dissolve stress, anger and anxiety

-Produces a sense of harmony and calm

-Helpful when getting over disappointment and heartbreak

-Gives a feeling of lightness and understanding

-Encourages perseverance in difficult times

-Helpful in letting go of old habits

-Encourages optimism and increases motivation helping you to achieve your goals

-Good to meditate with during times of stagnant energy

-A positive stone of prosperity

-Dissolves negative emotions and thoughts

-Helps reduce clumsiness

-Helps with written work and computer skills

-Increases power of homeopathic remedies

-One of the best crystals for conceiving a baby

*Placing a piece of green aventurine into the Earth at night and holding it in the morning helps to replace depression and anxiety to wellbeing and hope

Information from:

The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Herbs & New Age Elements by Adams Media

Pendant length: 1 inch

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